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Adventures from a Life Enthusiast

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My first Filmfest Submission
Moment Lens sponsored their fifth annual Moment International Filmfest (MIFF) where hopeful filmmakers create films shot only on a phone. I created a 3-minute mini-documentary on ultra running. Spoiler alert, I didn’t make the finals, but learned so much along this journey.
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Spreading kindness to the homeless people of Venice – handing out socks – Ft. Invisible People
My friend Staci and I spent a Saturday with Mark Horvath trying to spread a little kindness handing out socks and talking with the homeless of Venice. One of the many people we met was Kenneth. A soft-spoken man who used to work in aerospace for 13 years but was let go. He has been [...]
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Be a Hero! with Hero Dirt!
Have you heard the term hero dirt and wonder what could possibly make dirt a hero? In Southern California, our trails get pretty loose and dusty in the summer, but after a rain or two, the dirt is transformed into epic riding conditions. Last weekend a local bike shop, Rock N Road Cyclery put on [...]
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2018 year in review
Another year in the books! 2018 started a bit slow for me since I was recovering from knee surgery but it picked steam and never slowed down until December 31! After getting back on the bike, I logged 136 rides, 1,426 miles with 212,550 feet of climbing. Not too shabby! We got the kids passports [...]
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14 MTB gift ideas all under $35
Looking for a gift idea for your mountain biker but are not sure what they might want? Maybe they have everything, and you are looking for something a bit different! Well, you're in luck! Check out these creative, fun and useful ideas worth giving this holiday!        
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Give a Bike Change a Life
Carmen and Hans Rey believe that something as simple as a bicycle can have a profound and life-changing positive effect on someone’s life. Whether it is a child that can now travel to school, or the farmer that can now bring a larger load of produce to the market, or the nurse that can visit [...]
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Epic Gifts for Mountain Bikers from the Pros
Need a gift idea for your Mountain Biker? I had the chance to talk with Brian Lopes and Hans Rey and got a few holiday gift ideas for you. I also stopped into Troy Lee Design Center and Crank Brothers Demo Center in Laguna Beach to see what they had in store.To help support the [...]
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Are you in Shape?

A quick update to my #nosmallNovember challenge where I’m exchanging my workout each week in the month of November for anther creators’. This week I have been doing Luke Sherran’s routine. On paper it looked fairly easy, but I was sore after my first day, making me rethink what I’ve been doing — maybe I’ve […]

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