I recently had my first hacked site. Luckily the site wasn’t really injured, and it’s back up running and much more secure.

I started to dig to find out what I really need to do to secure my site and bottom line, make your passwords stronger. But there is also this great plug in. Better WP Security.

It’s getting installed on all my sites.


1. Pick a Strong Password

This is a very obvious step, but we must mention it as it can’t be emphasized enough. Do not use the same password in other places. Try to make each password different and hard to guess. Use the WordPress Password Strength Detector to your advantage and make your password strong. Another thing you want to do is change your password periodically, so even if some has guessed your password, it is useless to them once you have changed it.

2. Never use “admin” Username

This is the first user that is created when WordPress is installed. You should never use or keep this user. Because in the past multiple loopholes have been found that are linked to Brute Force Attack and admin username, you should refrain from using it. You should create another user using your WordPress admin panel, and assign administrator roles to it. Try to make this username something that is not obvious, so it is harder for the hacker to guess. Then delete the admin user altogether to stay on the safe side.

3. Stay Updated with the Latest WordPress Version

Last but definitely not the least is to stay updated with the latest version of WordPress because after each version is release, WordPress also releases the bugs and exploits of the previous version which puts your Admin Area in risk if you don’t upgrade.