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I’ve created a few flash sites and now with the amazing iPad, we want to skip the flash and get to the sites.  Here is how to do it in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Copy this code into your index page right b…Continue Reading


If you develop web sites you love firefox, hate IE, okay, maybe it’s just me? The other day my eyes were starting to cross looked at a ridicously long style sheet, and it dawned on me, there has to be…Continue Reading


A very easy thing to do. Add a little bit of code to your function.php file and add your logo to your theme’s images folder.

function login_logo() {
echo '


Ie8 is going in the right direction, but now web designers have yet another browser to code for and make sure it works and views the same as all others. If you’re having issues with ie8, but not ie7 y…Continue Reading


This is one of my favorite pieces of code, and it get used often. It just a little bit of code I don’t want to lose.


I’ve always had issues with xml line breaks. It should be such a simple thing. And finally I discovered it!

It works in XML in Flash (AS2/AS3)

Copy this little strange string into your xml where eve…Continue Reading


If you use google analytics and you also develop in flash, you’ll be asked to track flash clicks. It can be done using a component and action script 3.

What you need:


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