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CryptX: If you need to have an email address on the page, but really HATE spam, this plugin will do a little java …Continue Reading


Something I do on a regular basis is add new widgets to wordpress sites so they are easier to maintain. The code that is needed is listed below.

1) First add this to your function.php
if ( functio…Continue Reading


It seems Hackers are attempting to break into WordPress site more than they use, and it’s becoming a battle to keep my sites free and clear from their malicious activity. I’ve been looking for a simpl…Continue Reading


I recently had my first hacked site. Luckily the site wasn’t really injured, and it’s back up running and much more secure.

I started to dig to find out what I really need to do to secure my site and…Continue Reading


A very easy thing to do. Add a little bit of code to your function.php file and add your logo to your theme’s images folder.

function login_logo() {
echo '


Still working on my new theme.